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Sustainable Tourism Promise

As the Coral Lagoon has grown popular as a travel destination, the effects of uncontrolled tourism have grown apparent in the form of coral degradation, fish reduction and the appearance of refuse. To overcome these problems, we have joined forces with the local neighborhood association to institute a sustainable tourism plan for the bay. The plan aims to define a clear set of rules for bay users, to measure the present flow of visitors to the bay in order to establish a carrying capacity of the area, and to determine and execute measures to prevent further damage and to recuperate the affected environment. With funding obtained from our commercial activities, we already have placed environmental education notice boards in the key transit points used by visitors to the bay. We have placed 20 collection refuse collection points around the bay with 20 more planned and have managed an agreement with the local boatmen to retrieve the refuse.

We presently offer our lodge and our radio equipment as a communications center for medical and security emergencies and to report illegal fishing activities in the bay. We also have donated radio equipment to the local national guard outpost in charge of environmental offences.

Public toilets, anchor points for boats, a public information center and the hiring of a bay ranger are planned for the near future.

Coral Lagoon Lodge was cleverly designed and built on the framework of a previous building that dated back the 60s. All refurbishment work of the lodge was carried out by local residents and maximized the use of local building materials. We also recycled where possible the existing timber elements of the building. This ecolodge is self sufficient. All of our freshwater supply comes from rainwater collection and our toilets flush with saltwater. Power is presently generated through generator but we already store surplus power in batteries thus increasing the efficiency of the system over 200%. We are currently switching to a Solar power system with a generator as back-up to reduce noise, increase operational efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

We have an operational workforce consisting of local residents (2 full-time staff and 2 part-time/seasonal staff). We subcontract services to local providers i.e. boats and boatmen, trucks and local taxis. We maximize the use of local products in our kitchen purchases i.e. fish, vegetables etc.

We minimize the use of toxic materials in our buildings and construction where possible i.e. minimize use of bleach as a cleaning agent and experiment with other appropriate options such as vinegar. We encourage guests to use towels and sheets for 2 days to minimize washing and detergent use. All our organic refuse is composted and serves as food supply for local wildlife and non-recyclable refuse is returned to civilization for appropriate disposal.

We discourage the purchase of products/items that are known to be direct/indirect detriments to wildlife or environment i.e. lobster out of season, fish that has been spear-gunned, necklaces made from coral, game meat or live wild animals that have been poached from the park.

If you have additional questions about our sustainable tourism activities, please Contact Us.

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